Develop talent, not paperwork.

What if streamlining your HR document signing process was actually quick and easy?

Empower your team and new employees to focus on getting up to speed, while Verdocs helps make the paperwork quick and simple. Painlessly create, send, sign, and track HR documents wherever you do business.

Streamline Onboarding

Automate onboarding paperwork preparation with pre-filled employee data, generate and send documents in a few clicks, and get the paperwork out of the way fast so new employees can focus on their new job.

Automate HR Documents

Automate signing workflows to get HR documents signed quickly, even if there are multiple signers or documents involved. Build, test, and deploy those complex workflows faster than ever before with our highly extensible API and SDKs.

Improve Experience

Make your employee experience a competitive advantage. Give your candidates and employees a smooth, pleasant experience, while keeping your brand front and center with advanced customization features.

Focus on Talent

By streamlining your onboarding and HR document preparation and execution processes, your team will have more time to focus on developing talent rather than paperwork.

Increase Productivity

Create and control pre-approved document templates for your team to use over and over again. Maintain control with admin settings and allow your team to generate new documents in a few clicks, pre-filled with your employee’s data.

Reduce Costs

Get started for free and only pay for what you need with transparent pricing that scales with your usage. All plans include API and integration access to ensure your creativity is never stifled and you get the most bang for your buck.

No more siloed, manual processes that drive up your costs and kill your efficiency.

Here’s how it works
Generate API Keys from your account
Review developer docs (SDKs/Embeds) to help build and customize the experience
Upload and build your documents as reusable templates and configure transaction settings like process order, team management, security, and more
Execute your transaction or automate the workflow for repeatable needs

Verdocs can standardize existing workflows by embedding typical forms within your HR application and portal.

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